Terry Laurita Sigley, M. A.

Licensed Psychologist

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Terry Laurita Sigley, M. A., is a licensed psychologist. She completed her Master's Degree from West Virginia University in Clinical Psychology. She has been practicing in the field of clinical psychology since 1989 and has been independently licensed since 1994. She has worked in multiple psychological settings including community mental health, inpatient treatment, and adolescent crisis shelter. She conducts family, individual, and group therapy with children and adults.

Ms. Sigley has been practicing in the field of outpatient therapy throughout her entire psychological career even while working at inpatient facilities. She specializes in working with child sexual abuse cases by working with victims as well as adolescent offenders. She also works with disruptive behavior disorders and complex family issues. In addition to work with children and adolescents, she has worked with adult survivors of abuse as well as those experiencing anxiety and depressive symptoms. Due to the trauma work she has done, she has also gained experience with bereavement and grief issues. Ms. Sigley has testified in many court cases involving abuse and neglect and continues to be involved in court cases as part of her therapeutic work.

Ms. Sigley has been a member of the West Virginia Psychological Association and has served on that Executive Board for several years. She served on the Board of Psychologists from 2007-2014